Only customer-centric companies work with CivicScience.

In today’s world, everything affects everything. And everything is constantly changing. CivicScience is the only market intelligence platform that studies everything constantly.

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In the time it takes to read this, the world around your consumer will change.

And that change could come from anywhere. Economic, social, and cultural shifts are impacting every industry, every brand, and every consumer – often far outside the narrow view of your industry or products. CivicScience sees all of it.


1000s of premium media brands


5 million responses a day


 130 million consented profiles and growing

10+ Years

Historical data & trends

What We Do

Uncover the Insights that Truly Matter

Our methodology produces insights that are unavailable elsewhere so you can explore new opportunities for business growth and anticipate market conditions.

Fast, Nimble, and Custom Intelligence

We’re the fastest survey mechanism ever built. If we aren’t already tracking it, we can add your proprietary questions at a moment’s notice with extensive context and cross-analysis.

Forward-Looking Trend Analysis & Forecasting

With the power to ask about any topic, at any time, to anyone we want, CivicScience is uniquely built to study emerging trends among early adopters, market mavens, and influencers.

The CivicScience InsightStore™: Easy access to real-time, reliable consumer data and in-depth intelligence.

  • Audience Identification and Segmentation
  • Ad Hoc Studies Viewed Through Priority Segments
  • Deep Audience Profile Analysis
  • Bi-annual Onsite and Leadership Presentations
  • Always-on Brand Tracking at Industry-best Cost
  • Access to Syndicated CivicScience Content and Studies
  • Monthly and Quarterly Updates With Real-time Alerts
  • Social Political Economic Consumer (SPEC) Report
  • 2000+ Always On Syndicated Questions
  • Real-time Trends With Our 360 Report

CivicScience offers a state-of-the-art enterprise platform for understanding every element of the modern consumer.

Our powerful proprietary suite of tools allows brands to analyze every aspect of the consumer to accelerate their brand forward with better strategic and agile insights, trend tracking, brand performance analytics, media and advertising optimization, content creation ideas, multi-dimensional segmentation, innovation assessments, and more. Finally, an-all-in one solution with the most powerful consumer-driven datasets in the industry at incredible speed.

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