SUMMARY: As industry reports reveal higher-than-expected growth of Pinterest, we took a closer look at the profiles of the site’s new users. While traffic is increasing across the board, a significant number of men are now flocking to the site on a daily basis, presenting new commerce and advertising opportunities for Pinterest and its partners.

According to recent industry reports, Pinterest is slated to grow 9.2% in 2017, outpacing all but the most optimistic projections. While disappearing images might be all the rage, Pinterest has continued to grow within its target market quietly, and then some.

In early 2015, CivicScience published a study highlighting the potential for Pinterest to grow its user base among specific segments of male users. Even within our office, there was a degree of skepticism that the visual social network could expand beyond its female core.  

However, in comparing users over the past six months to the same period a year prior, our tracking data does indeed show an engaged male audience growing on the platform. This year compared to last, daily use of Pinterest for men has risen 5%, now making up over a quarter of Pinterest’s daily users.


Men are using Pinterest more often than ever.


men are using pinterest more than ever

What are men using Pinterest more on a day to day basis?

Our data indicates a rise in 35-44-year-old men engaging with the site daily. This newly engaged male audience is also slightly more likely to be a parent and grandparent. As more and more men are taking on a greater share of household responsibilities like cooking, grocery shopping, and childcare, it makes sense that Pinterest’s appeal is crossing the gender barrier.

Given Pinterest’s high correlation between browsing and intent to purchase, this could mean more male-driven sales and advertising connected to the site.

Look for this growth to continue.