These days, online shopping is often at the forefront of discussion, as companies and consumers have adjusted to life in a world of COVID-19. However, it’s not enough to simply know that online shopping is happening. The question of where consumers go when shopping for products online illuminates a much larger trend.

CivicScience asked more than 2,200 Americans about their online shopping habits–specifically where they start when shopping for a product. As the data show, 47% of respondents start on Amazon, nearly the same percentage reported in a prior survey last June.

Loyal Amazon Fans

Unsurprisingly, those with a Prime membership are most likely to start their search at Amazon, as well. Whether this is due to the appeal of free shipping or the convenience of finding many items in one place, what is clear is that the Amazon loyalty runs deep.  

That loyalty is especially strong among adults 25-54 years old, potentially due to the fact that younger Americans may have less buying power, and older Americans simply are not shopping online as much.

A Correlation With Increased Online Shopping

Another key factor for turning to Amazon first is the impact of the coronavirus. Those who report shopping online more and less, respectively, as a result of the pandemic are starting at Amazon. The fact that Amazon is the starting place for the majority of both frequent and less frequent shoppers illuminates the brand reputation Amazon has established, as well as the strong appeal of a site that appears to offer everything.

Amazon Appeals to the Brand-Loyal

While Amazon is known for its aggregation of countless brands across all sectors, what it may also be known for is its ability to make favored brands accessible. After all, those who say brand is more important than price are more likely to start their search on Amazon. This suggests that the site could be making it easier for brand-conscious shoppers to find all of their favorite brands in one convenient place.

Ultimately, Americans still, largely, begin shopping for products at Amazon. Although this has decreased slightly in the past six months, there are still several variables that increase the chances of starting there. While Amazon loyalty–such as having a Prime membership–can play a role, so does age, the various effects of COVID-19, and a consumers allegiance to particular brands. Make no mistake, Google is still alive and well, but for companies looking to catch the attention of online shoppers in 2020, Amazon is the place to be.  

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