Sports are pushed back for what seems like forever, but Major League Baseball is already scheming to get started again. MLB reportedly discussed playing its season as early as May at one site in Arizona with no fans present. CivicScience asked more than 4,000 U.S. adults (rebased to those with an opinion on the matter) what they thought.

Survey says – like most things – opinion is split. Go figure. More than half of the population at least somewhat supports the notion, but still, more than 40% is against the idea.

Among MLB fans specifically, we see similar (but slightly higher) figures in support of this proposal as we do among the gen pop. More MLB fans are keen on the idea than not, but it’s worth noting that 25% say they strongly oppose the possible plan.

We may as well end on a political note. Conservatives are way more likely to approve of this plan than Liberals and Moderates are. But as CivicScience data (and others) have found, that’s because Conservatives are way less likely to have grave concerns about the current coronavirus pandemic.

It remains to be seen if the MLB adopts this plan or another, but no matter what the plan, CivicScience will gauge public opinion.