Coronavirus cases continue to climb in the United States and the Delta variant continues to spread. Overall reported concern about being in public spaces increased this week but was driven by an uptick in the percentage who are somewhat concerned. Nearly 80% of U.S. adults say they’re worried about the Delta variant right now. 

Despite what seems like broad concern for the pandemic in general, CivicScience tracking data show that comfort returning to normal activities continued to trend upward this week.  

News and updates about coronavirus booster shots have been making the rounds. Up to date survey data show that most partially and fully vaccinated adults in the U.S. say they plan to get a booster shot once it becomes available to them.  

Concern about the spread of the Delta variant correlates with likelihood to want a booster shot. Eighty percent of those who are on the higher end of concern levels are already planning to get a booster. 

Unsurprisingly, another group thinking about getting the booster shot are those who report that they keep up with news about the pandemic. They’re more likely to report that they plan to get a booster shot once available. 

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