CivicScience data show that despite an increase in COVID cases, those who are “very concerned” about being in public spaces only slightly increased this week and general concern remains relatively low overall at this point.

While cases are rising the most in the Northeast at time of writing, we’re not seeing an increase in concern in this region. In fact, respondents in the Northeastern part of the U.S. are reporting less concern right now than they have even in recent months. 

But could case numbers be even higher than reported? Most likely.

Among the more than 30% of U.S. adults surveyed who have been tested for COVID in the last 30 days, nearly half have relied on at-home testing kits only rather than one administered by a health professional. If positive cases aren’t being reported to the official numbers, cases could be misrepresented overall. 

Consumer Comfort

While comfort resuming normal activities remains relatively high, we are seeing slight decreases in comfort when it comes to attending major events (-2 pp) and going out to eat (-1 pp).

Fewer people plan to order takeout / delivery from a restaurant this week. 

Meanwhile, travel is still booming: plans to travel in the next month remain high at 58%.

Consumer Behavior

An increasing percentage of U.S. adults are shopping in stores the same amount or more than they typically would this time of year, likely due to rising comfort levels doing so.

It’s important to continue tracking trends in grocery buying amid price hikes in CPG. We’re seeing a growing percentage of people reporting they’ve stopped themselves from purchasing something at the grocery store many times due to higher prices. 

We’re also seeing a growing trend in use of discount sites. Over the last few months, an increasing percentage of people have used or plan to use online discount hunter sites/apps (up 4 pp since January), likely in response to recent price increases.

Lower income adults are more likely to use/intend to use online discount hunter sites/apps and are also who seem to be driving the increased adoption of such services.

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