The Gist: The more streaming services a person subscribes to, the more frequently they engage with Netflix.

Last week, we took a look at the world of streaming services, and Netflix came out the clear winner when it comes to the number of subscribers: 55% of the general population subscribes to a streaming service, and of that group, 85% are Netflix subscribers. In the streaming service game, it’s a battle for second place as Netflix holds a strong first.

This time, we’re taking a dive into the viewing habits of Netflix only subscribers, dual subscribers, and subscribers with three or more streaming services. Just as in our last post, we’re exploring Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and HBO Now subscribers.

Netflix Only Subscribers

68% of Netflix-only subscribers are parents or grandparents, and 44% of them live in the suburbs.

46% of Netflix-only subscribers are using the platform a few times a week. That’s a strong engagement rate for a service, especially considering how many Netflix-only subscribers still have cable.

In terms of other entertainment, Netflix-only subscribers are unlikely to go to the movies once a month or more. They might be engaging with content, but it’s much more likely to be through Netflix than other means.

Dual Subscribers

People who subscribe to two streaming services look similar to Netflix-only subscribers in regards to parental status and urbanicity. With more than one service, presumably one of them Netflix, we thought time spent on Netflix would decrease–the subscriber’s attention would be split. Would dual subscribers spend more time on Amazon Prime Video or Hulu?

Dual subscriber’s engagement with Netflix surprised us. Instead of losing time on the platform, people subscribed to two services are more likely to use Netflix a few times a week than people subscribed only to Netflix.  

Compare engagement in Amazon Prime Instant Video or Hulu.

While it’s likely they subscribe to Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, they’re engaging with it on a much less frequent basis.

Three or More Subscribers

The trend of Netflix engagement continues the more services a person is subscribed to.

Even with more content across multiple platforms, 67% of people who subscribe to three or more streaming services use Netflix a few times a week.

Engagement with alternative platforms with three or more subscribers increases, 42% of this group watches Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu a few times a week.

It’s not only apparent that Netflix is the winner in terms of subscription, but also in terms of engaging its viewers. Even when subscribed to multiple services, 67% stream on Netflix a few times a week, a significant jump from Netflix-only subscribers.

Compared to other platforms, Netflix not only has a jump in subscriber base but also engagement across all types of online content streamers.