Americans are feeling growing unease due to the new gun control law and Long COVID, which appears to be reflected in comfort levels in public spaces. CivicScience data show increased concern over being in public spaces this past week. The increase reflects levels seen at the end of May, following the Uvalde shooting.

Dissatisfaction with new gun control laws passed by Congress could be a contributor to the new rise in concern. Nearly half (45%) of the Gen Pop reports they would’ve liked to see the new law include stricter regulations. Along that same vein, over half of U.S. adults are concerned about people carrying guns in public, following SCOTUS striking down NY’s concealed carry law.

Those who wished for stricter regulations are nearly twice as likely to be very concerned about being in public spaces right now.

Similarly, worries over Long COVID may be contributing to concerns about being in public spaces. Currently, over a third (39%) of Americans know someone who has experienced Long COVID and nearly two-thirds of the population are at least somewhat concerned about it.

And those who are concerned about Long COVID are, expectedly, the most likely to feel concerned about being in public spaces right now (36%). 

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