As inflation persists, many Americans have had to take on additional work to get by. That’s according to new CivicScience data (n=3,616) showing that 21% have reported doing so.

Young adults are more likely to report having done this, with those under 35 –and especially adults under age 25– much more likely to have taken on a second job due to rising prices.

Cutting by residential status, though certainly a proxy for the age data, is worth highlighting. Homeowners are the least likely to have taken on additional work due to rising prices. Those living with their families, which could be a result of rising housing prices across the country, to begin with, are the most likely to have sought out extra income.

Cross-tabulating employment changes by U.S. region shows that taking on extra work is happening at nearly the same rate across the country, with the West being the only region showing slightly less prevalence. 

Consumers and the Pandemic

As COVID cases climb with the emergence of BA.5, CivicScience observes an uptick in concern about being in public. While COVID is factoring into this concern, there are likely a variety of reasons: it could also still be an effect of crime and safety concerns seen in recent weeks.

Despite a rising general wariness about going into public, consumers are still increasingly comfortable with returning to activities.

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