CivicScience has a special place in our heart for the work of nonprofit organizations, and we are excited to announce a new program to help them benefit from the power of timely, deep consumer research to help their cause.

Today we announced that each quarter, U.S.-focused nonprofits can enter to win free market research, a package of which includes 3 months of access to our online information platform the InsightStore™ and several custom questions.  (You can view the official press release here.)

The first call for submissions is now open through June 15, 2015. Interested organizations can learn more about the program and enter at:

Skeptical of our motives? Don’t be.

This is all related to the “civic” side of our company — opportunities to share this vast wealth of information we have for the general public good. We do this in an ongoing way through this blog and our library of free, un-gated Insight Reports that span a vast range of topics. And I can tell you first-hand that as someone who sits on the chair of the local arm of a national nonprofit association, a chance to access this kind of knowledge about consumer thinking is NOT something we would have in our budget; nonprofit organizations (perhaps with some exceptions) may be a large industry, but the budgets are lean and scrutinized.

We encourage nonprofits who are looking to get insights about any of the following things to submit their entry:

  • Brand awareness / cause awareness
  • Brand sentiment, including re-branding
  • Advertising campaign reaction
  • Social media campaign opinions
  • Opinions or awareness of major fundraising events or efforts
  • Public policy viewpoints
  • Other topics that are promotional in nature

There is no cost to enter, and all entries will be kept confidential. There are a few restrictions on the custom research topics, but our goal is to deliver high-value insights to the winning organization each calendar quarter.

To learn more about the program and to enter, please visit:


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