Every day, we track the awareness and favorability toward advertising from major brands. With all the controversy over Pepsi’s maligned Kendall Jenner ad today, we took a close look at those numbers. Here were the results to our Pepsi question prior to April 5th:

Before Kendall Jenner's pepsi commerical, very few people were aware of Pepsi's advertising.  And here were the results today:

After the release of Kendall Jenner's pepsi commercial, negative views of Pepsi's advertising increased by 3x.

On a positive note for Pepsi (sort of), awareness of their advertising (ie. People who HAVE seen or heard about it) increased from 36% to 53% since yesterday. Unfortunately for Pepsi, the percentage of people who don’t like Pepsi’s advertising jumped dramatically. When we considered only the people who had seen/heard of advertising from Pepsi, the people with an unfavorable view increased from 13% to 37% – a jump of nearly 3X in less than 24 hours.

Pepsi was smart to pull the ad as fast as they did. But in today’s hyper-connected ‘viral’ world, bad news moves faster. We’ll be interested to see if / how these numbers change in the coming days and weeks.