The Gist:  Nearly half of US adults like to order their pizza by calling, but pizza chains should note that Gen X-ers are the most tech savvy when it comes to ordering their pies.

These days, pizza chains everywhere are investing in innovative ways for even the busiest among us to order their favorite pie. From emojis to digital assistants and even high tops with Bluetooth and geolocation built in, there is seemingly no end to the creative methods being rolled out in an effort to maintain and grow pizza sales. However, with so much focus on creating a new and better way to order pizza, we can’t help but wonder if all of this innovation is actually beneficial?

As it turns out, even in light of a variety of new and exciting technology, 42% of US adults prefer to order on the phone.

But who exactly is this 42%, and what could be impacting their pizza ordering methods? We took a closer look to find out.

When we break down the data by age group, we can see that of the 42% of US adults who prefer to order their pizza by calling, 39% belong to Generation X, while 38% are Baby Boomers. This means that the largest number of phone orders are being placed by individuals who are over the age of 35. That said, 23% of Millennials are also choosing to order by phone, a solid figure coming from what many assume to be the most tech-inclined demographic.

What is perhaps most surprising, however, is the rate at which Gen X-ers are demonstrating their tech-savvy ordering skills. Of the US adults who order their pizza by an app, 54% are from Generation X. This age group also pulls rank when ordering on a website, making up 48% of those who choose this method.

So what does all of this mean? While pizza companies continue to search for new and exciting ways to allow customers to order, the data shows that the majority of US adults placing these orders actually prefer the traditional method of giving the local pizza shop a call. Even with the convenience that the internet can bring, nothing seems to replace the tried and true method of picking up the phone.