Today, CivicScience is proud to formally announce the groundbreaking work we have done over the past several years to formulate a new consumer research solution, called Expectation Science.

What is it? Expectation Science merges large-scale data science and statistical modeling with innovative consumer survey techniques, to help marketing decision makers and researchers more accurately predict consumer demand, reaction, trends, events, and market outcomes. Our solution leverages our InsightStore™ network of over 27 million poll respondents to find consumers with a proven aptitude for predicting events and trends across a multitude of subject areas. By profiling the best predictors in each area, we can then build intricate sampling models to improve forecasting accuracy over time.

Where can this help? We are exploring with our commercial clients applications for Expectation Science in: forecasting of audiences and audience behavior, planning of product or service offerings, new product sales, and testing of marketing and advertising campaign concepts.

Big kudos to our team here who has been working diligently on this exciting new solution area, and a special thanks to our academic partners!

Read the full press release here.