As with most industries in America, the pandemic’s beginning looked bleak for the music business. However, notes of promise began to appear in early summer as more home-sequestered Americans seemingly picked up musical instruments. Not only did companies like Yamaha see sales explode with a flush of purchasers that appeared to be fresh to the market, but storied company Gibson is no longer singing a swan song at the brink of bankruptcy, and guitar-maker Fender reported a record quarter of the most guitars sold during the company’s entire history. As the electric infusion of music gear sales continues to rise into the fourth quarter of 2020, CivicScience decided to research which specific instruments and popular brands are most favorable among Americans right now. 

All in all, the current jam on booming sales of lockdown-inspired instruments will most likely continue to advance and CivicScience will be right there with a thumb to the pulse as consumers prepare for the holiday season. Want customized insights on your target audiences? Give us a bell