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Sustainability, Nutrition and More: What the Latest Health and Fitness Trends are Telling Us

When it comes to health and fitness trends, the one thing you can count on is that they are always changing. Whether it's a foodie buzzword, or the latest workout craze, fitness fanatics jump head first into novelty trends and behaviors. Using data from the CivicScience InsightStore™, we’re able to track health and fitness trends over time to see what’s new and novel, and to predict where we’re headed next.

The Smart Home Trend Has yet to Take Off

CivicScience discovered various insights on the interest level of purchasing home automation products. The report also profiles buyers and potential buyers of home automation products. Will the home automation trend ever take off?

The New Generational Divide: Generation Z vs. Millennials

Using data from CivicScience’s InsightStore™ platform, we’ve uncovered numerous and extensive insights regarding the behaviors and patterns of Generation Z and Millennial consumers. This report lists some of the top findings and discoveries related to the generations’ shopping habits, media consumption and technology usage.

Consumers and Money

This CivicScience InsightStore™ report uses data collected through our intelligent online polling methodology and data analytics to showcase some highlights across three aspects of consumers and their money practices in aggregate their general personal financial situations, their general economic attitudes, and their retail banking practices. Some of the data are comparative over time periods, and some data analyze consumers responding to research questions in the past year.

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