Everyone has a decision to make when it comes to healthcare and insurance, and while some in the household act as the sole decision maker, other households split the duties. CivicScience has tracked household health care decision makers since 2014.

As of the past year, the majority (69%) of households in America have one main decision maker for healthcare / insurance. We’ll focus on that group.

Segmenting this group even further, and for purposes of this study, we looked at just the HOH decision makers who buy their own insurance (HOH Insurance Buyers, we’ll call them) either out-of-pocket to comply with the ACA (“Obamacare”) individual mandate or on an exchange subsidized by an employer. For context, at large, 19% of the U.S. adult population buys their own insurance this way.

The HOH Insurance Buyer – What you likely already know:

  • Compared to the Gen Pop, they are more likely to be male than female. 
  • They’re older, lower income (possibly due to being in retirement age) and more likely than the Gen Pop to have a Bachelor’s degree. Again, you probably already know these things.

However, you may not know that HOH Insurance Buyers are way different when it comes to their views on climate change, NFL fandom, fitness, ad influence, and more. In fact, HOH Insurance Buyers are more likely to do the all of the following than the Gen Pop:

There are many different paths of research that these nuggets could take us down, but there are certainly already implications here for healthcare companies to consider. Especially tv ad influence, NFL fandom, and even climate change concern.


Who knew?