The calendar is flipping into the colder months, and snow is beginning to envelop mountain ranges. For some Americans, that means it’s time to pick up and head to the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding. What does that picture look like this winter?

According to new CivicScience data, winter sports like skiing and snowboarding look to be niche activities among U.S. adults this season, with the vast majority saying they do not plan on doing either. 

Skiing has the edge among the two sports, as 9% report skiing is in their future, and another 9% are on the fence. For snowboarding, more people (7%) are a ‘maybe’ and/or are ‘not sure’ if they’ll be partaking this year, compared to 6% who plan to get some snowboarding time in. 

Who’s saying “yes” to the slopes?
It’s most likely to be Gen Z adults, young Millennials, and men – but only by a close margin of two to three percentage points over women.  Interestingly, data also show snowboarding offers a level of parity in income level (under $35K through $125K+) with all hovering around 7% ‘yes’ for this season.

No country for cold skiers and snowboarders
Skiing and snowboarding may be more niche sports in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of options regarding the necessary clothing for these sports. Amid the plethora of outdoor clothing brands, what are skiers and snowboarders likely to wear as they battle the unpredictable mountainous elements on the slopes this winter season?

The latest CivicScience data show the answer is clear: The North Face is the likely brand of choice for 36% of skiers and 38% of snowboarders who plan to make their way to the mountains this coming winter. Columbia and ‘other’ follow in a race for a distant second. Should the on-the-fencers decide to make that trip, they’re also leaning toward The North Face, Columbia, and ‘other.’

Shredding snow with what you know
People who have skied or snowboarded before and enjoy it also pick The North Face, ‘other’ and Columbia as their top three. One-third of enthusiasts in each sport (34%) chose The North Face as their number one. 

But variation finally arises among the demographic of people who have tried skiing or snowboarding and did not like it. Outdoor Research enters the top three among among people who tried and don’t like skiing (17%) and snowboarding (13%). The Seattle-Based brand is also primed to gain ground thanks to industry-first initiatives such as inclusive sizing with full layering options.

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