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Holiday travel planning is in full swing for many Americans. Recent CivicScience data show that holiday travel intent is up eight percentage points among regular holiday travelers, an overwhelming 54% of Gen Z adults plan to take a vacation during the upcoming season, and nearly a third anticipate flying for their trip. 

Another important trend to keep an eye on as the holiday season approaches? For one, airline travel. Ongoing tracking shows that Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines are two of the top airline choices among those planning to travel in the next 1-6 months (with American Airlines following closely behind). Twenty percent of U.S. adults say they’re likely to travel with Southwest Airlines in the next six months, and 19% say the same for Delta Airlines. 

When it comes to demographics for Southwest, Millennials and Gen X are the most likely to be flying with the airline in the next six months. For Delta, Gen Z adults and Millennials are most likely to be flying with the airline in the same time period. Men and women are equally likely to be traveling with Southwest Airlines, while men are four percentage points more likely than women to be traveling with Delta Airlines. For household income, consumers in the $100,000+ bracket are most likely to be both Southwest and Delta customers, but the under $50,000 income bracket skews more toward Southwest than Delta customers.

Further inspection of these airline passengers via the CivicScience InsightStore™ uncovers unexpected insights among these consumers. Here are five key consumer insights of Southwest and Delta customers who are likely to fly in the next six months: