Soon you’ll be able to become a monthly subscriber for tea and coffee at Panera for $9/month. Will coffee drinkers change their habits and go for this new model? In a CivicScience survey of over 2,300 U.S. adults who have a Panera nearby, 9% said they’re at least “somewhat likely” to become a subscriber.  

And of course, the number is higher among frequent coffee drinkers. As the new coffee model rolls out, CivicScience measured how coffee fans who frequent other chains expressed interest in Panera’s new model. The data show that nearly 60% of people who are at least “somewhat likely” to pay for a monthly coffee subscription at Panera are Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee favorables. Fifty-three percent are McCafe favorables and 24% are Dunkin’ fans. 

As Panera rolls out the program in its test markets, CivicScience will keep tabs on overall intent while keeping in mind Panera’s major competitors.