If you like spice and you like coffee, you’re just in luck. With the ever-anticipated announcement of Starbucks’ seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte, essentially signifying the beginning of Fall, they have also released a new drink – the Chile Mocha. It has a little ring to it, don’t you think?

It may not be as dramatic as Burger King’s new Whopperrito, but it’s definitely an interesting stray from their lineup of lattes, coffees, and teas.

Though this drink sounds great, I personally am a creature of Starbucks habit, meaning that I always get the exact same drink when I visit any Starbucks establishment. A Grande Dirty Light Ice Soy Chai, please. You have my full permission to laugh – I think it’s as ridiculous as you do. The shame of ordering that specific of a drink never quite fades, but in all fairness, I’ve seen people order much worse.

Either due to similar habitual tendencies, or the fear of the unknown world of chile mochas, many people seem to be in a similar boat.

Most people have not tried or do not plan to try Starbucks' Chile Mocha Fall Drink

The large majority of those we asked have not yet heard of the drink, closely followed by those who have not tried it and don’t plan to. Only 2% of people have already tried the drink, with only 1% having enjoyed it so far.

Though these numbers seem somewhat alarming, the game isn’t over yet for Lady Liberty and her Mocha Chip Frappuccino.


We found that those under 18 are twice as likely to have already tried the Chile Mocha and liked it. They are also more likely than other groups to not have tried it yet, but plan to, closely followed by those ages 18-34.

As it turns out, 37% of those who have not heard of the Chile Mocha are under 34, which happens to be the most likely audience to enjoy or want to try this new brew.

Younger people are more likely to like Starbucks New Chile Mocha Drink

Additionally, we found that 65% of those who have not heard of the Chile Mocha already drink coffee every day or most days.

What Does This Mean?

Marketing, marketing, marketing! There is a large group that is likely to at least try the Chile Mocha if only they knew about it. It may be a good idea, therefore, for Starbucks to increase its marketing efforts and make more people aware of its venture into spicier waters.

These folks are more likely to be TV documentary fans, so gaining some strategic product placements among the array of upcoming fall shows may not be a bad idea. Similar to others in the same age range, these people are also more likely to be heavy social media users.

One day I may be adventurous enough to stray from my usual order, but I’m just not sure that day is today. Grande Dirty Light Ice Soy Chai, here I come!