First let me start this post by confessing that the use of the word “creep” in my headline may be interpreted as unapologetic click bait. But in this case, I use the word “creep” to mean: “moving slowly and carefully, especially in order to avoid being noticed.”

A year ago is when it started, with a splurge on a wireless speaker system for our newly purchased home. We bought the works. We were porting those speakers everywhere, messing around with configurations and setting audio moods for each room. It impressed our visiting friends. We felt so cool.

Then a few months later… my husband was out of town for the weekend, so I decided to do some indoor exercise in my living room. As I was stretching at the end of my workout, a voice rang out of seemingly nowhere saying: “Nice stretch, honey!”

My husband. Talking to me through our web-enabled remote security camera that manages to capture a fairly landscape view of the room. Not to mention, records and stores everything online. Grumble. Like I said, creep(y).

We are now in the middle of building his man-cave. Several weeks ago, a delivery arrives with some fancy-packaged light switches. Why, I ask? He says he can control them from his smart phone. So cool, right? Right. But at least here, my practical brain saw the benefits. (Lower our electrical bills!)

Living with a tech enthusiast like him means that home automation is well on its way in our household. He’s the classic early adopter in this broad category of consumerism. Frankly, without his influence, I probably would have stopped at the speaker system, at least for a few years.

But what about the general population of consumers? Which of the vast variety of home automation products now on the market have strongest appeal to increase the IQ of our collective home operations? Which are likely to be most popular?

What home automation products are consumers interested in buying?

What we learned in our latest Insight Report are a few key highlights:

  • Only about half of consumers currently have interest in purchasing any of these types of products. We’ll track this through 2015 to see how quickly this changes.
  • ‘Smart’ home security products are going to be king. Consumers most want to buy these types of products and predict their popularity triumph.
  • Home automation products are most popular among those who live in the suburbs.
  • Younger consumers are more likely to be interested in purchasing audio and lighting products.
  • Tech and electronics trend fans are much more likely to predict that climate control devices will be most popular a year from now.
  • Audio product makers may want to strongly consider featuring cats in their ads…

Get more in-depth details on those findings and more in the Insight Report we published today, featuring fresh data from our InsightStore™ collected within the last 30 days.

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