The majority of American adults disagree with Steven Spielberg’s fight against Netflix. CivicScience polled around 2,000 Americans over the age of 18 on their views regarding the fight to keep streaming movies from competing with major motion pictures for the Academy’s highest honors.

Within less than a day the results showed that, excluding those who indicated they weren’t sure, over ¾ of respondents (77%) agreed with keeping Netflix in the Oscars running.

Of those in agreement, Millennials (18-34) were no surprise the most likely to “strongly agree” but Gen Xers (35-54) were right behind them, showing just how broad the Netflix support base is.

It’s not only Netflix users who are in support of movies like “Roma” and other streaming movies being eligible for Oscars, but its current user base certainly plays a huge role. Netflix users are most likely to support Oscar eligibility with most frequent users being the most supportive.

This shows how loyal Netflix users are to the platform and the content they are viewing. But the cross-tabulation data also show that half of Non-Netflix users, as well as over half (63%) of intended users, are ok with Netflix’s Oscar eligibility, too. In the eyes of the general public, streaming movies and non-streaming movies are really no different. 

And ultimately, Netflix’s user base has grown very recently. Heavy users (those who report watching Netflix a few times a week) have now eclipsed those who do not use the service at all.

It’s safe to say that Netflix usage is more popular than movie outings among adults. However, Netflix may be helping movie theaters out so to speak when we look at movie going over time. 

Those who stream Netflix are also more likely to go to the movies. This may be the bigger argument for Netflix movies being eligible for Academy Awards, just like any other film. The two entities appear to be at least peacefully co-existing, so why not?