While Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have been major names in the plant-based meat space, Tyson will soon have new plant-based products available. Interest is fairly strong, with 20% of respondents reporting that they are at least somewhat likely to give Tyson’s new plant-based meat a try. 

Age data indicate a slightly higher interest in Tyson’s new products from younger non-parents, but the differences are marginal.

Favorables for the Beyond Meat Burger and the Impossible Burger are equally interested in Tyson’s plant-based proteins. Their likelihood to try Tyson’s plant-based meat is more than double that of the Gen Pop (58% compared to 20%).

Competition in the plant-based protein market is heating up. Target announced this week that it’s private label, Good & Gather, will now include a huge selection of affordable, plant-based grocery products. CivicScience is taking an in-depth look at consumer sentiment surrounding Target and its plant-based delicacies, so check back in for that meaty analysis in the coming weeks.