CivicScience Use Cases

Use Cases

Uses for our real-time, deep consumer insights

Rapid Reaction

While there are many solutions and tools out there to help researchers, marketers, and communications teams, and even the news media conduct “real-time” polling, the ability to get an answer to a question quickly is the CivicScience difference.

Audience Measurement

Giving media companies real-time, deep consumer research power to measure and understand audiences better than ever before.

Partnership Evaluations

Use our expansive research data to improve the selection, marketing, and ongoing measurement of licensing and partnership investments including licensee, partnership, sponsorship and celebrity endorsements.

Product Innovation Planning

We combine our intelligent polling platform with the burgeoning field of Expectation Science to help brand marketers and product development executives predict the success of new products and product features.

Competitive Monitoring

Competitive monitoring and research is among the most common and coveted uses of our platform. It enables marketers to see competitor brand or campaign impact the moment it happens and use our rich, in-depth insights to conduct strategic, "right-now" competitive analysis.

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