CivicScience | Vaporized: Most Americans Want Flavored Vapes to Be Banned


Vaporized: Most Americans Want Flavored Vapes to Be Banned

Image Credit: Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

There is massive support for the federal government’s plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes. 

The announcement, made by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, comes amid growing concern over how e-cigarette companies like JUUL market their products. The move may have been spurred by a tweet sent out Monday by Melania Trump, expressing her concern for the “growing epidemic” of underage vaping.

A whopping 66% of Americans 13+ “strongly support” the proposed measure, and a full 79% of the country at least “somewhat” supports the notion.

Predictably, most vape users were against the idea. However, more than a third of them expressed support for the ban on flavored vapes.

In terms of age, the most support comes from the 55-and-over crowd, and the least support — though still a robust 70% — comes from Generation Z, the very people the feds are trying to protect.

And without putting too fine a point on it, Generation Z seems to need the protections. Not only do they vape at the highest rate …

… but they also vape for the “wrong” reasons. Among people who vape, only a quarter of Gen Z’ers say they do it in an effort to quit smoking, nearly half the rate of other age groups. More than 75% of that age cohort started vaping just for kicks.

Nearly matching the numbers for overall support for banning flavored e-cigarettes, 72% of Americans say they are concerned about the increase of vaping-related illness.

It’s expected the ban will take a little less than two months to be put into effect.

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