After months of buildup, Wendy’s recently announced March 2 as its official nationwide launch date for their breakfast offering. Back in September, CivicScience gauged interest in the coming  addition to breakfast drive-thru options, and at the time, 36% of American adults said they were at least “somewhat likely” to give the Breakfast Baconator or Frosty-ccino a whirl.

Now, with launch less than a month away, interest remains the same, though it’s expected that number will almost certainly rise as the advertising for the new additions ramps up in the coming weeks.

Despite intent to try breakfast at Wendy’s remaining the same, 11% of Americans say they will be visiting the fast food chain more as a direct result of the breakfast offerings. That number has gone down by two percentage points since September.

One thing has changed rather dramatically since September: The age groups of Americans who expect to try Wendy’s breakfast offerings. It has skewed older as the chain gets closer to its launch date. Gen Z’s interest has cratered by nearly 36%. Time will tell if this is a momentary blip, or if Wendy’s marketing arm has to do more to attract a younger demographic.

Obviously, one of the big drivers in the fast food and quick service breakfast game is coffee. And this bodes well for Wendy’s, as 47% Americans who say they are at least “somewhat” interested in buying premium coffee from fast food and/or quick service restaurants say they’re going to try Wendy’s for breakfast.

And very promisingly for Wendy’s, 37% of Americans who have a favorable view of Starbucks coffee say they plan on giving Wendy’s breakfast options a try. Peeling off any Starbucks customers would be a massive get for Wendy’s.

Another positive note for Wendy’s breakfast future: McDonald’s fans over-index in terms of desire to try Wendy’s morning fare, with 50% of people who have a favorable view of Mickey D’s saying they’re going to stop in to Wendy’s for breakfast at some point.

Obviously, the fast food and quick service breakfast space is crowded, and Wendy’s – which has failed in this area before – is only going to make the field even more competitive. Will the chain have a hit on its hands? Too soon to tell, though the steady interest in people willing to give it a try is certainly not a bad sign.