A good friend of ours asked us yesterday if we had any data about holiday lights.  She was curious who decorates their house with white lights and who uses colored lights. Random? Most definitely. But, we owed her a favor so we ran a question about it. Then, the funniest thing happened: We found a bunch of interesting stuff in the results. It turns out that your choice in holiday lights actually says a lot about you.

The first thing we noted was how evenly divided people were on the question (N=1,116). See here:

People are completely split on whether they prefer all white or all colored lights. The only difference is that slightly more people who use both types will lean a little more toward colored lights. Earth-shattering, right?

But seriously. The next time you drive by someone’s house, take note of the lights they have hanging in their trees and stapled to their roof. Here’s why:

People who use all white lights are probably wealthy. They’re 69% more likely to make over $100,000 per year and 144% more likely to make more than $125,000. They’re also probably older. 21% of people over age 65 use all white lights. See a house in your neighborhood covered in white lights? It would be really creepy if you peaked into their window BUT if you did, there’s an 85% better chance that they’re watching NBC versus other networks.

People who use all colored lights are middle-aged and, specifically, much more likely to be between the age of 45 and 54. They’re 61% less likely to follow the NFL closely, 40% more likely to watch Fox for their network TV, and 93% more likely to list list Horror films as their favorite movie genre.

People who use both but mostly white lights are 70% more likely to be Republican and 36% more likely to have a dog. They also prefer Drama movies at a rate 56% more than other people and 125% more likely to watch the majority of their network TV on ABC.

People who use both but mostly colored lights are probably between the age of 45 and 54. They’re 106% more likely to NOT follow the NFL at all and 39% more likely to choose Comedy films over other types. They’re 33% more likely to consider themselves a Morning Person.

People who use both white and colored lights equally are 61% more likely to be avid NFL fans but, oddly, also 110% more likely to have a cat. They’re 37% more likely to call themselves a Night Owl. Oh, and if they fly, they’ll  be 67% more likely to choose an aisle seat.