Hi everyone. I’m off this weekend with my girls, chilling on a lake in Wisconsin for a few days. 

But our team wrote too much good content this week not to share it. Give it a look.

Otherwise, enjoy a Dick-less weekend.

Here’s what we’re seeing:

  • Attitudes toward Twitter’s rebrand to X are a case study in political tribalism;
  • Interest in the Women’s World Cup appears to have had very little to do with the U.S. team being in the tournament;
  • Student loan debtors are holding out hope for President Biden’s SAVE Plan;  
  • 3 Things to Know: Lots of people think Donald Trump’s latest indictment will improve his chances of being the GOP nominee, dog owners are way more likely to stay connected with their pets when they travel, and Gen Z eats a ton of rice;
  • Ring is running away with the smart home security market, especially among frequent travelers;
  • The age divides on ice cream are remarkable and Dairy Queen is still #1;
  • Consumers really, really, really don’t like dynamic pricing;
  • Five out of this world insights into people who believe in aliens.

The most popular questions this week:

Would you ever consider wearing an ’80s-inspired hairstyle?

How open-minded of a person do you think you are?

Which is better: loaded fries or loaded nachos?

Have you ever appeared as a guest on a talk show?

How do you keep your brain active and engaged?

Answer Key: I already kind of do; Wide open; Nachos; Yeah; More importantly, how do you turn it off? 

Hoping you’re well.


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