If you’ve ever been to Panera, you’d probably notice a higher proportion of female customers. Unlike fast food joints, you could probably guess that the clientele is generally higher income and at least college educated. It would make sense if we told you that Panera lovers are more likely than average to shop at Whole Foods or Nordstrom. But, what about these less obvious facts:

  1. Panera lovers are 73% more likely than other people to take a trip for their summer vacation.
  2. They are 44% more likely to believe in ghosts.
  3. They are 16% more likely to get their fashion inspiration from magazines, rather than TV or social media.
  4. They are 60% LESS likely to drive a truck as their primary vehicle.
  5. They are 31% more likely to support the full legalization of gay marriage.
  6. They are 84% more likely to know how to play more than one musical instrument.
  7. They are 24% more likely to love Star Trek.
  8. They are 52% more likely to order a latte, Cappuccino, or other espresso drink at coffee shops.
  9. They are also 50% more likely to order tea.
  10. They are 159% more likely to see a new Disney movie in theaters when it comes out.