Is Whole Foods the debate of the century? Honestly, I should just hide in a corner by even posing that question – obviously, it’s not. Regardless, Whole Foods is a hot issue. There are the hardcore fans who will eat anything and everything that enters the modern green Mecca, and there are those who will protest just the insinuation of a new opening. The stores may seem warm, friendly and full of life, but underneath lies the shadow of all things inorganic and dare I say it – regional, not local.


Though many people have a perception of who the Whole Foods customer is, ranging from the Brooklyn hipster to the stay-at-home suburban mom, we thought we would let you in on some real, data-driven facts.

1) People who shop at Whole Foods are rich, right? There may be some truth to the idea since they are slightly more likely to have a higher income than non-fans, and have a significantly higher income than those who are neutral towards Whole Foods. We also found that they are 3x more likely to dine regularly at upscale restaurants. Now that we’re all happy and validated in our judgements of these eco-conscious consumers, let’s move on to things you didn’t know.

Whole Foods fans have a higher income than non-fans

2) You know that friend who always forces you to try new products from Whole Foods? Products like cauliflower rice, and eco-organic, nitrous-cultured almond milk with a blueberry twist? They aren’t the only ones. Fans of Whole Foods are more likely to try new products before other people, and they’re not opposed to sharing their opinions of those products. They are more likely to write both positive and negative online reviews, and are more likely to tell their friends and family about products they like and dislike.

3) Whole Foods fans are more likely to closely follow the NBA. Sports and organic food – who would have thought? In fact, 10% of people who answered that they love Whole Foods closely follow the NBA, compared to only 3% of those who don’t love Whole Foods.

4) CPK, CPK! Yes, Whole Foods fans love California Pizza Kitchen. With CPK’s menu of local ingredients, and their recent commitment to transition to all cage-free eggs, this seems to make sense.

Whole Foods fans like CPK

5) Have you ever seen that built, athletic man standing in the Whole Foods line? He’s not the only one. Whole Foods fans are more likely to favor Under Armour over people who don’t like Whole Foods. They care about eating well and exercising, and they just love showing off those organic veggie-powered muscles!

6) Thought we were done with Jimmy Kimmel? Not quite. We found that Whole Foods fans favor Jimmy Kimmel much more than non-fans.

Quinoa is Pronounced KEE-NOH-UH  – You’re Welcome

And that’s a wrap. I hope you learned a thing or two about these eco-conscious, Kimmel-loving consumers. If you are one of the 12,199 people we asked that don’t like Whole Foods, go try one of their new vegan donuts. They might just change your mind!