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1. Sixteen percent of Super Bowl viewers will tune in via Paramount+.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will make their Super Bowl appearance in just a couple of weeks, marking a Super Bowl rematch four years later. According to CivicScience data collected ahead of the AFC and NFC championships, over 60% of Americans said they planned to tune into the Super Bowl this year. While this figure will likely increase as the game approaches, it’s clear now that fans are tuning in differently. 

Nearly two-thirds of those planning to watch the Super Bowl this year will watch via the CBS TV broadcast, but a strong percentage plan to stream the event (28%). Despite last month’s first-ever NFL playoff game streamed exclusively on Peacock, which sparked fury among fans and resulted in weekend-low viewership, 16% intend to stream the event on Paramount+. Another 8% will stream from a web browser on their computer, and 4% will stream from their phone or tablet.

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2. Facebook users are most concerned about misinformation on social media; TikTok and Snapchat users are least concerned.

As the 2024 election process gains momentum, worries about misinformation remain prevalent among U.S. adults. New CivicScience data show that a vast majority of U.S. adults are ‘very concerned’ about the spread of misinformation on social media (52%), and another 24% are ‘somewhat concerned.’ 

However, the level of concern varies by social media platform. Weekly Facebook users, for instance, report the strongest concerns about misinformation on social media. Over half of them are ‘very concerned,’ which is 18 points higher than frequent Snapchat users and 14 points higher than frequent TikTok users – both platforms with a strong Gen Z presence.

3. Americans find filling prescriptions at pharmacies inside big-box stores less convenient than the alternatives.

Recent reports show that dozens of CVS pharmacies in Target stores will begin closing next month in a plan to space out their locations more. This could be a favorable move as CivicScience data show that Americans find pharmacies located in big-box stores and grocery stores less convenient than the alternatives. Forty-one percent of consumers who recently filled a prescription at a store-within-a-store pharmacy say the process was ‘very easy.’ This rises to 47% among those who used a prescription delivery service, and 62% among those who picked up a prescription at a local pharmacy.

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