CivicScience continually tracks current and anticipated consumer trends. Here are three key insights marketers should know this week. All insights are derived from the CivicScience Social | Political | Economic | Cultural (SPEC) Report, a weekly report available to clients covering the latest news and insights. Start here to learn more about the report and how to access the insights we don’t publish.

1. Close to 20% of Americans have explored using AI designed for companionship. 

As AI technology advances, its integration into daily life expands as well. According to new CivicScience data, nearly 1-in-5 respondents have tried chatbots specifically designed for friendship or companionship, such as Replika. Extroverted and sociable individuals are more likely to have tried and enjoyed using these AI chatbots compared to their introverted counterparts.

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2. Revealing a state-by-state look at where American travel plans this summer. 

Summer travel season is already looking to be a busy one with Memorial Day now just one week away. Americans have a variety of summer travel destinations in mind and they vary notably by region, new CivicScience state-by-state data reveal. 

Notably, East Coast and Southwest residents are more likely to visit major cities like New York City or Los Angeles this summer. In contrast, those in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest prefer smaller cities like Pittsburgh or Detroit. People in Alaska, Maine, and the Mountain West often plan mountain trips, while beach vacations are popular elsewhere in the country.

3. Cost and healthy options make up the leading influences when consumers purchase for their pets.

When shopping for their pets, cost is the main consideration for many pet owners, especially Millennials. Gen X and Baby Boomers, however, are more inclined to prioritize products that are healthy or that are endorsed by veterinarians. Meanwhile, Gen Z adults are most likely to be influenced by advertisements and advice from pet store employees in their purchasing decisions.

Speaking of shopping for shopping pets, Amazon held its Pet Day sale earlier this month. CivicScience data found that 20% of respondents reported an interest in shopping during the sale. Among those who planned to shop the event, the most popular pet products they targeted were food and treats (56%), toys and accessories (46%), health/wellness products (28%), and beds and furniture (28%)*

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*n=772 from 5/7/2024 to 5/8/2024; Excluding “I’m not shopping Amazon Pet Day”