Consumer behavior does not exist in a silo; their decisions are impacted by forces outside the narrow purview of any industry or brand. So how do brands better understand their current and potential customers to ensure they make the right business decisions? In essence, they need consumer-centric information that is trustworthy, timely, and relevant. This is why we partnered with some of our best clients to create The [Your Brand] 360 Report.

The 360 Report scans the CivicScience database of thousands of always-on questions. It discovers key insights for your brand by comparing them to competitive and consumer segments, identifying differences and similarities, and alerting you to shifts in categories like industry insights, financial outlook, media consumption, and health and wellness. So you never miss an opportunity or threat.

We conducted The 360 Report on Chick-fil-A customers and analyzed it against competitors and consumer groups. Here are five key insights from the complete report.

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About the 360 Report

There is much more to The 360 Report than what is provided in this summary. The report is customized to focus on what is essential to your business: the verticals shown above, media consumption, emerging trends, or social issues/concerns. CivicScience has you covered.

Only CivicScience paints an always-on, ever-evolving, 360-degree picture of your current and potential customers – ensuring you never miss an opportunity or risk. 

The 360 Report:

  • ​​Delivers a complete and timely view of trends and shifts in consumer attitudes, lifestyles, and intent.
  • Predicts consumer behavior and powers more forward-looking strategies and marketing investments, maximizing growth and profitability. 
  • Provides invaluable, timely knowledge to accelerate decision-making and give you a unique competitive edge.
  • Alerts you to trends and changes as they happen, ensuring you never miss an opportunity or threat.

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