What’s in store for the retail industry? According to the 2023 National Retail Federation conference, brands are placing an increasing emphasis on building customer relationships through “retailtainment,” also known as building an immersive store experience. By doing so, brands can attract more foot traffic, drive conversions, and build long-term brand loyalty. 

But how can brands achieve similar results when it comes to online shopping? Augmented reality (AR) shopping apps, where consumers can virtually try on products, are one way retailers can create an immersive shopping experience outside of brick-and-mortar stores. Brands such as IKEA and Warby Parker are already using this technology — the IKEA Place app allows users to test furniture in their homes with AR, and Warby Parker has a virtual eyeglass try-on feature. 

The latest CivicScience data shows that among consumers aware of augmented reality shopping apps, 35% have used them, which is up four percentage points from last year. Sixteen percent report they haven’t used one before but are planning to, and 48% are uninterested. 

So, what does the future hold for AR technology? CivicScience took a closer look at people who intend to use augmented reality shopping apps:

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