Self-checkout may be losing steam for American grocery shoppers, but what about those who prefer to forgo the trip to the store altogether? The pandemic spurred the use of grocery delivery services that now has brands like Walmart shifting focus to expand delivery.

In 2019, most Americans had heard of grocery delivery services, but the majority expressed disinterest in using it, with nearly 7 out of 10 declining the option. The latest CivicScience polling suggests that the tide has turned, with only 47% of respondents indicating a lack of interest in grocery delivery today. In fact, 33% of respondents report they’ve used grocery delivery, marking a 120% increase from 2019. The remaining 14% have yet to try grocery delivery but plan to do so in the future.

So, how do those who plan to use grocery delivery stand out from those who are uninterested? CivicScience has the answers: 

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