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Have you left behind classic cigarettes for the trendier e-cigarettes? Vaping products have become controversial in the past few years, with their safety being called into question. Just this month, the FDA banned the sale of Vuse menthol e-cigarettes. Vuse products, which reports say have become popular among children and teenagers, have surpassed the sale of Juul vaping items in the US. The FDA has ruled that the dangers of e-cigs to young people outweigh the benefits they may provide to adults who are trying to quit traditional smoking.

Current CivicScience data show that 12% of U.S. adults 18+ use e-cigarettes or nicotine vaping products daily to weekly. An additional 9% use them occasionally, while 79% are non-users. People who vape daily or weekly tend to exhibit distinctly different traits and consumer behaviors. Here are just five ways that people who vape differ from those who never do: