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Wrangler brand denim appeals to almost half of adults in America; 46% of customers say they either love or like the brand. The brand is such a staple in American wardrobes that even celebrity musicians will show up to a national event to perform in them. Despite the western vibe, Wrangler doesn’t appeal to just cowboys and cowgirls looking for a durable pair of pants to see them through the day. CivicScience tracking show Wrangler’s western flare is worn by both men and women (although slightly more so among men) and regardless of a person’s age.

Wrangler customers are unsurprisingly more outdoorsy than people who don’t wear Wrangler denim, enjoying outdoor sports and activities like hiking and camping. In a similar vein, Wrangler customers are drawn to sustainable farming practices which protect the environment, public health, and animal welfare. But there are a few things about Wrangler customers that might come as a surprise. Read the listicle below to learn more!

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