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The Super Bowl is just a few days away, and CivicScience data show that 64% of Americans plan to tune into the big game (including 36% very likely to watch). Despite a big anticipated turnout, intended viewership is down from 2023 and aligns more closely with 2022 levels. This number could grow, though, as we get closer to kickoff. 

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So, who’s planning to tune in? For one, CivicScience data show that: 

  • Adults 55+: 41% of this age group plan to watch the Super Bowl, whereas Gen Z is the least likely to watch (29%).
  • Men: 53% intend to watch the big game – a slight edge over women planning to watch (47%).
  • Black Americans: 75% anticipate watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, followed by Asian U.S. adults (70%), White adults (64%), and Hispanic/Latinx adults (60%).

Here are five additional insights on viewers: