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Dr. Martens have managed to stay relevant for decades. The iconic boots with yellow threading have made them some of the most instantly recognizable footwear on the market, especially popular among younger audiences throughout the evolving eras of fashion. “Docs” have resurged in popularity in recent years, and reports estimate the brand reached a global $1.25 billion revenue milestone last year. Yet, the legacy brand is facing new challenges this year as orders have slowed in the U.S. and competitors that offer cheaper versions have entered the playing field.

CivicScience ongoing tracking shows 18% of U.S. adults are favorable to the brand, appealing nearly equally to all age groups under 55. Although brand favorability has held steady year-over-year, close to 1-in-2 Dr. Martens fans report they have cut back on clothing and shoes due to inflation and higher prices in the last year – more so than those who are neutral or unfavorable to the brand. Can the brand reignite demand among U.S. shoppers? Getting to know the customer – and how to reach them – is key. Here’s a closer look at a few traits that set the current Dr. Martens fan apart from other consumers:

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