For many of us, Target is our one stop shop for everything we need (plus a bunch of stuff we didn’t know we wanted). With a wide-ranging inventory from home decor to grocery items, it can be tricky to nail down the profile of a Target fan.

CivicScience has been asking about Target since 2010. Here are six quick facts we unearthed about the Target shopper.

  1. Target Fans = Basketball Fans – Fans of Target are more likely to follow the NBA and college basketball closely. They’re also more likely to attend sporting events regularly.
  2. Target Fans sport Duck Boots- Target fans are more likely to like LLBean than nonfans of Target. Perhaps Target should start stocking more outdoor gear?
  3. Target Fans are social media mavens- they’re more likely to use Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest actively. Moreover, they’re more likely to spend at least an hour a day on these sites and are self-admitted addicts of their digital devices.
  4. Target Fans love a good laugh- Target fans are more likely to watch TV sitcoms. How are are they watching them? Target lovers watch streaming video and are more likely to own a DVR. This data matches up well with Target’s existing product placement appearances in Jane the Virgin, The Mindy Project and Modern Family.  
  5. Target Fans are passionate about music- they follow music trends and choose music based on social media influence. Target shoppers are fans of Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani. The retailer is doing an excellent job catering to the taste of its fans, considering all three artists have had exclusive CD releases with Target.
  6. Target shoppers enjoy carb loading- People who shop at Target are more than twice as likely than nonfans to dine out most often at fast casual restaurants. They’re also more likely to drink wine regularly. They might enjoy a glass at Olive Garden, at which they’re more likely than nonfans to dine.

So there’s peek inside the diverse interests and habits of the Target fan.