Every week, CivicScience is asking thousands of different poll questions – some fun and some serious – about the trends and topics of the day. Here are the most popular questions from the past week. Click on the links below to answer yourselves and see the latest results:

Are you good at being a passenger in a car?

Do you think paper ballots or electronic ballots are more secure?

Do you think people should have to take their driver’s test multiple times in their lives?

Do you have a strong distaste for any of your friend’s partners?

Do you think election days should be federal holidays?

Favorite basketball star: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

Would you do a week-long phone cleanse?

Ladies, how do you feel about beards on guys?

Do you wish you could still go to a video rental store to browse new releases?

Do you consider being outspoken a good or bad thing?

Editor’s Note: The results of these questions are often preliminary and do not yet incorporate the scientific rigor of our official or published research. For fully scientific results to these or any of our ongoing research, please contact us.