Home improvement retailers Lowe’s and Home Depot maintain a strong hold on the market, with both garnering positive reviews from a majority of respondents, according to recent CivicScience survey data.

A striking 56% of respondents expressed a positive sentiment towards both stores, with the same percentage “liking” or “loving” to shop at each. This positive view extends across various income levels, age groups, education levels, genders, parental statuses, and living areas, underlining the widespread appeal of these retailers.

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Young adults favor Lowe’s

Interestingly, the age groups showing the highest positive response rates toward Lowe’s were between 18-34, indicating a particular popularity of Lowe’s among younger demographics. However, Home Depot had the highest percentage of approval within the 55-64 age group, showing that each store has its own loyal followers.

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Suburbanites love Home Depot

There were also geographical variations in familiarity and preference for Lowe’s. The highest approval rating was found in Delaware, with 20.8% of respondents expressing love for the store, while North Dakota showed the highest unfamiliarity with the brand at 6.1%. Home Depot was most loved by those living in the suburbs, while those living in cities and rural areas also showed a high liking for the store.

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Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have a considerable positive standing among consumers, each appealing to specific demographics. While similarities exist in the overall positive view of both stores, differences in specific demographics and geographical preferences provide a nuanced picture of their consumer base. As the market evolves, understanding these nuances will be vital for these retailers to maintain their competitive edge.