Amazon finally unveiled its Prime Day plans after delaying it due to the pandemic. The Prime Day event will take place on October 13 and 14. 

According to a CivicScience survey, among Prime Members, more than half plan to participate this year. Fifty-four percent of Prime members in the CivicScience platform say they will shop Prime Day 2020, but the majority don’t have a clue what they’ll purchase yet.

Compared to 2019’s summer Prime Day survey, nearly just as many people with Prime memberships plan to shop this year’s event (54% compared to 55% in 2019). During a pandemic and albeit an entire new season from its usual summer slot, this is good news for Amazon.

Shopping (and Working) From Home

Those who plan to shop the deals this year are a good bit more likely to be working remotely due to the pandemic than their counterparts. There’s really no other differences observed other than those who do not plan to shop the event are more likely to be unemployed.

New desk lamp or chair, anyone? Amazon likely already thought of this (we hope).

Interestingly, those who plan to participate in Prime Day are more likely than their counterparts to be ‘very concerned’ about going out in public due to the coronavirus.

Planned Prime Day shoppers are…

➡️  Much more likely to be between the ages of 25 and 54:

➡️  Female. Women are significantly more likely than men to plan to shop this Prime Day:

We’ll post the latest data next week to see if intent (and knowing what to purchase) has changed at all as the deals get closer.