Amazon just kicked off its first-ever spring sale on March 20, called the ‘Big Spring Sale.’ Unlike Amazon’s Prime Day events, this sale is for non-Prime and Prime members and is over six days (whereas Prime Day is typically two days). Additionally, there was limited advertising around the sale. It was announced late last week and buzz started to roll in just days before the sale began. 

According to CivicScience data, a whopping 42% of the Gen Pop plans to shop the ‘Big Spring Sale,’ with the majority not knowing what they want to buy yet. This outweighs the 36% who are not planning to shop the sale, and just over a fifth haven’t heard of it.

Join the Conversation: Will you shop Amazon’s ‘Big Spring Sale’ event from March 20-25?

Since the sale is open to Prime and non-Prime members, Amazon could see non-members sign up for a membership post-sale. CivicScience data show that over a third of Americans without Prime plan to shop the sale, with 8% knowing what they want to buy and 26% being unsure. 

Intent to shop unsurprisingly rises among Prime members. Fifty-five percent of members say they’re shopping the ‘Big Spring Sale’ event, outpacing the 50% who said they would shop Prime Day last summer.

What can we anticipate shoppers to buy during the sale? Among a range of categories, shoppers have their eyes on electronics and tech products the most (21%), followed by apparel (18%) and home goods and decor (18%). Similarly, electronics and home goods were the top two categories Prime members intended to shop during 2023’s summer Prime event, but apparel is new to the top ranking.

Even though Amazon’s ‘Big Spring Sale’ hasn’t generated as much buzz as their Prime Day events, the sale looks promising, especially among non-Prime members who typically don’t get a chance to shop Amazon’s sales. However, the question remains of whether they will sign up or not. Be sure to check back in for the answer and more post-sale insights next week.

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