The most recent CivicScience data examining the effects of the coronavirus (as of the week of 6/21) observes that Americans’ feelings about the coronavirus pandemic have completely flipped on its head compared to prior weeks.

As nearly all U.S. states are observing unprecedented confirmed coronavirus cases, the data show it’s clear that Americans are again shifting their feelings, behaviors, and future plans. 

Public Spaces 

After a week with growing record COVID-19 cases across the country, concern about being out in public has rebounded to where it was just about a month ago. Eighty-one percent of U.S. adults are very or somewhat concerned about being out compared to 73% the prior week. We bet that the percentage of those very concerned will rise even more in the next full reading.

Comfortability Plummets

Due to this growing grave concern for being in public, a record number of people now say they won’t feel comfortable shopping in non-grocery retail stores or dining out at restaurants for 6 or more months (25% and 32% respectively). You’ll also note the decline in the percentage of the population who feels ready to roll now. 

What’s more is even more people (more than half of U.S. adults) will likely not be seen at a major public event for half a year or more.

Ordering From Home

There may be another surge in grocery delivery use due to new spikes, too. Get your orders in now, folks. We just started to observe a slight increase in usage of these services last week.

We’ll post more on grocery / food delivery tomorrow, so stay tuned.

We’ll report on these shifts next week to see just how much has changed, given many states reporting more dire numbers since the weekend. 

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