As we approach the holiday season during a pandemic, it’s difficult to know what is up and what is down. Where and what is safe to do? Who should we see or not see? It’s stress on top of stress.

Consider that since October, the percentage of U.S. adults who say they’ve felt ‘very strongly’ stressed has risen rapidly.

CivicScience has been tracking adoption and use of cannabidiols (CBD products) among American adults. So, with holiday stress in mind, we specifically conducted a quick poll that shows that 21% of the adult population is likely to use CBD to combat holiday stress.

And, as it turns out, this holiday stress likely has much to do with the pandemic. Those likely to use CBD over the holiday season express being much more concerned about the coronavirus in recent weeks, nine percentage points higher than those who aren’t likely to use CBD.

And, among just those who usually travel for the holidays during non-pandemic years, people who still plan to do so this year are more likely to use CBD to combat stress.

However, overall, those who plan to use CBD to combat holiday stress are more likely to say they anticipate their holiday plans to be impacted ‘a lot’ by the pandemic.

Interestingly, those who are between the ages of 35 and 54 are reporting the greatest likelihood  to go the CBD route to de-stress this holiday. 

Also notable is that women are a good bit more likely than men to use CBD this holiday.

And parents are just as likely as non-parents to use CBD as a method to reduce their stressors this holiday, showing just how widespread it has become.

CBD by Product

Users and intenders of cannabidiols have many forms of CBD available to them. In a survey rebased to show only people within the general population who use or want to use CBD, 40% are keen on edibles. Tinctures and creams tie for second.

Edibles are also the most popular among those who are likely to use CBD as a stress reliever this holiday but, compared to the general population, this group over-indexes with interest in tinctures. 

In general, men and women are just as likely to prefer CBD edibles and tinctures, but women are more likely than men to be interested in topical creams. Men are only slightly more likely than women to be interested in vapes and capsules.

Overall, the fact that 21% of the population surveyed is at least ‘somewhat likely’ to use CBD as a way to reduce stress this holiday is pretty telling. Not only is CBD becoming more popular, but holiday stress may be off the charts this year.