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CivicScience helps you bring real-time consumer and market intelligence to the forefront of your organization.

Research at the speed of modern business

Today’s consumer insights teams are constantly being asked to do more with less. Our always-on tracking tools and quick-turn custom surveys allow you to be agile, relevant, and one step ahead.

Save time and money by boosting efficiency

Reduce costs by conducting primary and secondary research using our next-generation market research platform. Guaranteed, unlimited access allows you to tear down silos and push intelligence enterprise-wide.

Uncover the insights that truly matter

Our methodology makes it possible to find insights that are simply unavailable elsewhere, so that you can explore new opportunities for business growth, react faster to market conditions and feedback, and optimize your campaigns and offerings.

Key Features

Clean off your desk and stay ahead of management

We can deliver critical business answers in hours, while alerting you to the events and trends you’re C-suite may not even know about. Add CivicScience to your research toolset to quickly generate insights when market forces change and to get ahead of strategic growth initiatives.

Study real people, not just paid survey guinea pigs

Traditional survey panels are dying and the people left over look nothing like the real world. Our revolutionary data collection methods entice broad, hard-to-reach groups of people to engage with us to create powerful, actionable consumer insights data.

Track trends and trend-setters to make winning bets on the future

All consumers are not created equal today. Use CivicScience to discover and track the early adopters and trend-setters who are driving market movements.

Democratize research across your organization

Knock down business silos by inviting teammates and partners to dashboards to collaborate on key questions and observations inside the CivicScience Platform.

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