Consumers care about different things when buying various products in a store or online, and with the holidays around the corner, it’s important for retailers to be mindful of consumer preferences while shopping.

CivicScience today released three different retail reports, which highlight what consumers care most about when buying various products both in stores and online. The reports focus on three different product categories – personal electronic buying, clothing and shoe buying, and beauty product buying.

We found many valuable insights, but as a highlight reel, here are a few of the high-level findings:

Among those who buy in stores:

  • Across all 3 categories studied, “seeing/touching the product” is the #1 response.
  • The “act of browsing” is #2 for clothing/shoes and beauty products, but when it comes to buying personal electronics, people value second-most the help and service they receive from “sales associates.”
  • Taking home purchases that day receives consistent response selections (13-14%) as the number-three most valued choice across all three retail product categories.
  • Men are more likely to value taking home purchases that day for personal electronics, but not for the other categories.

Among those who buy online:

  • “Convenience” is valued most among clothing/shoes and beauty products buyers, while access to consumer reviews ranks at the top for personal electronics buyers.
  • Consumers also value online reviews second-most for beauty products, while “variety and selection” is the second choice for clothing and shoes. Ease of price comparisons is runner-up for personal electronics.
  • Women are more likely to shop online for clothing/shoes and beauty products, and men are more likely to do so for personal electronics.

To view any (or all) of these Retail Insight Reports, click here to access them online.