As temperatures rise and summer rolls into full swing, Americans are finding creative ways to celebrate and spend time together in the age of COVID-19. And whether you’re heading into the great outdoors or simply spending time in your own backyard, coolers are likely a quintessential part of that equation. 

CivicScience asked U.S. adults about their preference of brand-name coolers. At the top of the list was Coleman, with 93% of U.S. adults aware of the brand liking it. Coming in second is Igloo, with 92% of respondents saying the same. Yeti is a close third, which shows it’s becoming more of a household name than a niche one. Clearly, to know these brands are to like them.

Cooler with Age

Generally speaking, older adults are the most enthusiastic about their coolers. Ninety-four percent of adults aged 55+ are fans of the Coleman brand. Gen Z loves Igloo, while Gen X prefers Yeti. 

Cooler Preferences by Income 

Across the board, Coleman is the most equally loved cooler, with consumers of all income levels appreciating the brand. However, Igloo appeals to a slightly lower income crowd, while Yeti appeals to those who earn more. 

Keeping (Beverages) Cool

You’re more likely to see Yeti coolers filled with hard seltzer this summer than Coleman or Igloo coolers. However, there’s still interest there for all three cooler brands’ fans for the trendy drink.

As it turns out, not only do Yeti fans drink more hard seltzer than Coleman and Igloo fans, but they also drink more beer. While 36% of Yeti fans drink beer twice a week or more, only 28% of Coleman and Igloo fans can say the same.

Ready for Adventure 

Since coolers provide such convenience on the go, it only makes sense that cooler fans might be thinking about travel. And while most aren’t warming up to the idea just yet, Yeti fans are the most eager to go on a vacation compared to fans of the other top brands.

Ultimately, Coleman and Igloo brand coolers are currently the coolest pick for the widest range of consumers. However, Yeti is gaining popularity, especially with a higher income group that is passionate about hard seltzer, beer, and satisfying their travel itch.