CVS is trying to get into the free delivery subscription game by rolling out their CarePass program to the entire U.S. The subscription is $5/month and offers free delivery for prescription drugs and discounted CVS-branded items, monthly $10 coupons, and access to a pharmacy hotline.

To gauge interest, CivicScience surveyed more than 1,500 U.S. adult respondents. Excluding those who weren’t sure, the top-line results show that one-fourth of American adults are at least somewhat interested in the service.

The group most likely to say they’re very interested? Millennials. But across the board, there is a similar amount of interest among each generation. 

Prime Users are Down

Amazon Prime users are more interested in this service than non-Prime users. Could it be it’s because they’re interested in subscription services at large, or because they’d jump ship and get what they need from CVS?

While CVS won’t have all the options Amazon Prime does, it’s still something to consider. In a huge way, this is still competition for Amazon.

Keeping it in the Family

The more frequently people use CVS ExtraCare, the more interested they are in CVS CarePass. No surprise, really, but this shows that these people see the benefit of the CVS ecosystem and are loyal to the brand.

Being Smart with Smartphones

To no surprise, people who frequently make purchases via their smartphones are the most interested in this service.

Influenced by Social Media

Those who are most influenced by social media for the music they listen to, as well as the personal electronics they buy, are more likely than the general population to be interested in CVS’ plan. This goes to show social media will be a good way to target potential customers. 

Same goes for moderate to heavy social media users; they’re more interested in these services than light users or non-users.

All About Convenience

CVS should know their new plan is most popular with those who take some form of a maintenance drug. 

With many responsibilities, having your prescription shipped to you could alleviate the stress felt most by those who are the most interested in CVS’s new offering:

Things look good for the future of CVS CarePass, at least when it comes to overall interest. Convenience is key and could be a de-stressing aspect of CVS’s advertising for the program — and perhaps on social media.